CSA 2019

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Members will receive a bi-weekly allocation or “Share” of produce harvested at the farm. The CSA season will run from May 30th to October 10th with the possibility of a bonus share on either end of the season depending on weather conditions and harvest. Members can choose to purchase a single share for bi-weekly delivery or two shares for weekly delivery.

In addition to the bi-weekly allocation of produce, members will also receive weekly newsletters from the farm. Newsletters will include information about the CSA shares including recipes and storage tips for your produce. Members will also be given a preferential look at items for sale and events hosted at the farm before sales are open to the public. For 2018 this may include: pork shares, broiler chickens, turkeys, lamb, beef and blankets. Please note that the member advance notice for farm goods is normally 48 hours in duration. We generally sell out quickly once opened to the broader public. Please be diligent and sign up as you see these offers as they are all “first come, first served.” 

Bi-weekly Farm Share: $500

Weekly Farm Share: $1000

MEET YOUR FARMER AND OTHER CSA MEMBERS AT PICKUP THIS YEAR! With the desire to create a community feeling during the 2019 season we want to designate a pickup day and time that works for most everyone.   During this pickup period, your farmers will be present to talk about Millstone farm, the share, any upcoming activities, and more.  We hope you are able to enjoy the farm, learn about your produce, and meet other CSA members during this period as well! Pickup will be during a designated timeframe on either Wednesdays or Thursdays at Millstone Farm, 180 Millstone Rd. Wilton, CT.  During checkout below, you will be prompted to answer a question about which day/time works best for you and we’ll let everyone know what dates/times win the poll after out membership signup closes. Please note:  any share remaining unclaimed at the farm 24 hours after pickup time will be donated unless you contact us to make alternate pickup arrangements.

Getting to know your farmer and the farm is a great way to connect your family to the food they eat. We would love to have all of our members to volunteer to work with us this season! Volunteering is a great way to connect with the land, learn more about gardening and what is in season and enjoy the beauty of the farm. 

Volunteer jobs may include: preparing soil, weeding, harvesting, planting, mulching, and watering in addition to other non- gardening jobs. You may let us know if you are interested in volunteering during the checkout process.

Please note children are not permitted to work in the garden without prior permission and must be under adult supervision. 


Please indicate the number of shares you'd like to purchase below (choose 1 share for BI-WEEKLY pickup and 2 shares for WEEKLY pickup) and click “add to cart”. Before entering payment information you will be asked to fill out a short form to indicate pickup day preference and collect your feedback to help us plan a great season. Thank you and Welcome to our 2019 CSA!

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