Heritage Chicken - great for braising & stock

Heritage Chicken - great for braising & stock


Millstone Farm's Heritage Chickens are raised in our healthy pastures foraging for their food without the use of any antibiotics or chemicals.

We raise them for eggs, however, when they are through their prime egg laying period or we have an abundance of roosters, we harvest them for meat. Unlike our Broiler Chickens, the Heritage Chickens are leaner and more muscular. They are particularly great for braising or making a stew, soup, or stock. They can also be fried or roasted, but a longer and slower cooking period is recommended. For more details about cooking these birds please see this great article: https://www.foodandwine.com/chicken/why-would-you-want-heritage-chicken .

Chickens are freshly slaughtered and have been frozen to preserve freshness.

Chicken orders may be picked at Millstone Farm, 180 Millstone Rd, Wilton CT and are available in the CSA pickup area freezers M-F 9AM-5PM.

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