Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicken

Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicken

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Millstone Farm's chickens are raised on the grasses of our pasture land without the use of any antibiotics or chemicals. They are 4 to 7 LB “Freedom Ranger” Broilers, a breed that grazes and takes longer to mature than the super-hybrid (typically White Cornish Cross) commercial chickens.

There are two different bird size ranges for sale: SMALL (≤ 5 LBS) for $30.00 and LARGE (>5 LBS) for $35.00. Chickens have been freshly slaughtered and are frozen to preserve freshness.

Chicken orders may be picked at Millstone Farm, 180 Millstone Rd, Wilton CT and are available in the CSA pickup area freezers M-F 9AM-5PM.

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