Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicken

Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicken

from 30.00

Millstone Farm's chickens are raised on the grasses of our pasture land without the use of any antibiotics or chemicals. They are 4 to 7 LB “Freedom Ranger” Broilers, a breed that grazes and takes longer to mature than the super-hybrid (typically White Cornish Cross) commercial chickens.

These fresh birds are processed at a local abattoir and returned to the farm for sale the same day or the next morning.

This season we are offering two different bird size ranges for sale: SMALL (≤ 5 LBS) for $30.00 and LARGE (>5 LBS) for $35.00.

Please note that our birds are grazing in our fields right up to the time they are slaughtered, so the exact sizes and quantities noted in our pre-order process are by necessity only our best estimates! Actual quantities of SMALL and LARGE birds may vary slightly and we will contact you if your size preference must change.

Fresh chickens are for pick up this week (NOV 1 or NOV 2). If you can't make it please place your order online and then email and we'll freeze them for you to pick up at your convenience. 

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