Pasture-raised Turkey Reservation

Pasture-raised Turkey Reservation


Limited quantity! Heritage breed Bronze-breasted Turkeys, raised in the pastures and woodlands of Millstone farm. 

Turkey's are $8.00/LB, and are offered in three weight classes:

  • SMALL (under 16 lBS)
  • MEDIUM (16-20 LBS) and
  • LARGE (21+ LBS)

You may specify a size-preference at checkout. We do our best to match your preference when filling your order but cannot guarantee size as these birds are live in the field until very close to order fulfillment.  

A $50 deposit per-bird is required to reserve your order and will be deducted from the final total cost. (Please note that deposits are not refundable.) Multiply your size preference by $8.00/LB to get a sense of the total pricefor each turkey ordered. Balance will be due at pickup.

You may pick up your order at the farm on Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM, excluding holidays, at 180 Millstone Rd, Wilton CT.

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Our pasture-raised turkeys are a heritage breed born of colonial America!

These Bronze-breasted turkeys originated from a cross between domestic turkeys, brought to the American colonies by European settlers, and the eastern wild turkeys that were native to our continent. 

Millstone's turkeys are raised on our pastures and woodlands as part of our commitment to conserving heritage breeds. Heritage breeds are those that thrived before the introduction of intensive industrialized agriculture.  They are naturally adapted to their environment and thus support a sustainable agricultural system without the use of antibiotics and artificial hormones. Many of these breeds are endangered, and by supporting a marketplace for them you are supporting their conservation for future generations.